Our Members

We are JMC Games, a small indie developer responsible for Heavy_Dreams, available on Steam on 9/1/18 for $2.99. Our game studio was founded by a group of high schoolers, and we are based out of Barrington, RI. Our objective is simple: to create fun, memorable experiences that persist with you long after the screen is turned off. The way we see it, if we can get one person thinking more deeply about the world than when we started, we’ve succeeded.







Jonny Zhang (right) is the founder of JMC Games, and the one who kickstarted this entire operation. Jonny is the company owner, programmer, and designer. Currently a rising senior at Barrington High School, his hobbies include cooking and apparently taking pretty awkward pictures of himself.





Matt Pirraglia is the team’s artist, and, in the opinion of this writer, one of the best artists we could have gotten. He and Jonny have been friends since they were in middle school, and he was the first additional member Jonny brought on the team. He too is a rising

A special thanks to Dejan Carevic, the only non-child on the team, who provided much of the excellent music and sound effects.

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